In order to the be the best, we only offer the best products. Each one of the products we offer is among the very best in its market. We research each product to be certain that it will meet our standards of quality. It is then that we offer it to our patients and can stand behind each product.


Neck Pillows

A pillow from a name you can trust, Tempur-Pedic. No more neck pain from sleeping on the wrong pillow. The NeckPillow from Tempur-Pedic not only provides you with a better night's sleep but also gives you a more therapeutic sleep posture. Design with dual-lobes, it supports the curve created by your head, neck and shoulders to properly align your spine. Choosing the right pillow is important to promote an anatomically correct sleeping posture. A pillow that forces your head too high or allows it to fall too far back not only places stress on your neck, but can also inhibit your breathing.

Choosing Your Optimal Pillow


The Snoring Study

Tempur-pedic conducted a snoring study and the proof is in the pudding! Forty-eight couples completed a 30 day evaluation of the NeckPillow, pillows were provided to those who snore and their bedmates were asked to keep a sleep log related to the effectiveness of the pillow in reducing snoring. Users of the pillow were also surveyed regarding the comfort and usability of the pillow. Prior to the study, 68.8% of snorers slept on a polyester or cotton-fiber filled pillow, 12.5% used a feather or down-filled pillow and 18.8% slept on a foam pillow.

Key Findings

  • The percentage of bedmates who reported that their partner's snoring is extremely/very disruptive declined from 85% to 10%
  • The percentage of bedmates awakened 4 or more nights per week decreased from 98% to 31%
  • The percentage of bedmates who reported losing one-half hour or more of sleep because of their partner's snoring declined from 92% to 25%
  • 75% of bedmates reported that the frequency of their partner's snoring decreased during the test period
  • 75% of snores reported that they slept better overall when using the NeckPillow
  • 73% of bedmates reported that the volume of their partner's snoring decreased during the test period
  • 73% of bedmates reported that they slept better when their partners used the NeckPillow
  • 73% of snorers reported they would recommend the NeckPillow to other snorers
Source: Tempur-Pedic research studies


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