Top Ten Back Tips

Some of the most common questions we get from our patients involve tips about how to keep their body and back healthy. It's because of this we decided to put together our top 10 health tips.


Top 10 Back Tips

  1. GET ADJUSTED REGULARLY!!!  Having regular spinal check-ups are important, it's much easier to prevent a problem than to correct one.
  2. Exercise Regularly: This does not have to be anything overly strenuous, something as simple as a daily walk can make a huge difference.
  3. Eat A Healthy Diet: Proper nutrients allow the body to repair itself easier.
  4. Maintain Good Posture: Are you sitting up straight as you read this?
  5. Stretch Your Spine Before And After Sports: This will also help to loosen up the surrounding muscles.
  6. Don’t Overload Your Backpack Or Purse: Remember to carry it over both shoulders to balance the load (if possible).
  7. Stretch Your Legs And Back After Each Hour Of Sitting: Whether in a car or at a desk, stretching regularly will help to keep you from tightening up or injuring yourself further.
  8. Never Cradle The Phone Between Your Neck And Shoulder: No explanation needed, it's just not good for your neck.
  9. Sleep On Your back Or Side, Not On Your Stomach: This helps to keep your spine in line and reduces the risk of hurting your neck while you sleep.
  10. Invest In A Good Chair, Pillow And Mattress: When you think about the amount of time you use these things each day, it’s worth it!




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